Radaelli was founded in 1967 and specializes in the processing of solid wood profiles and moldings on behalf of furniture companies in the Brianza area well-recognized for the quality of production.Subsequently, the company began experimenting with materials and innovating processing techniques, covering panels on profiles of any nature and shape for the furniture and door fittings sector, with new materials, new working techniques on machinesspecially developed internally by Radaelli.

Over the years the company began to produce panels and create systems for the acoustic sound-proofing and ornamental boiserie sectors, a sector in great development that sees Radaelli1967 holding a particular competence in the problems related to fire, certified by the Ministry of the Interior, to formulate projects and develop products according to the places and the interventions foreseen by the European Fire Prevention standards.

To complete the offer, the innovative three-dimensional decorative technology Dip-Print is added, applicable on any material and shape intended for any productive sector.

Radaelli1967 is a customer-oriented company with a direct and personal relationship.The research and experimentation of materials and new processing techniques, also designing specific machinery, continues with the aim of quality but also with beneficial impact on costs.

The company proposes itself for intellectual competences, design skills and realizations in wood processing, in diversified fields for a flexible and complete service from design to final assembly.